Biden says public doesn't care about Hunter Biden probe, argues GOP can only 'make things up' about family corruption

February 10, 2023

One of the top priorities of the new House Republican majority is to investigate the dubious foreign business dealings of Hunter Biden and others in the Biden family for hard evidence of influence-peddling and corruption that implicates or directly involves President Joe Biden.

However, the president just asserted that the American people don't care about the allegations against his son and accused the GOP of working to "make up things" about the Biden family, the New York Post reported.

Biden dismisses House GOP investigations

On Wednesday, just one day after he delivered his State of the Union address, President Biden sat down for a wide-ranging interview with "PBS NewsHour" correspondent Judy Woodruff.

Among the many topics discussed was the House GOP probes into Biden's family, specifically his son Hunter and brother James, and the allegations that political access through the family name was corruptly sold or traded, but the president was dismissive of the investigation.

"Public's not going to pay attention that," Biden replied. "They want these guys to do something. If the only thing they can do is make up things about my family, it's not going to go very far."

Public is interested and supports family probe

President Biden was both right and wrong in that statement, as he is correct that the voting public does want the House GOP majority to "do something" with regard to investigating the president and his family for evidence of corruption, which is something that Republicans explicitly ran on ahead of their victorious 2022 midterm elections, according to a report in October from Newsweek.

He is wrong, however, that the public won't pay any attention to or support the probes into the Biden family, as polling strongly suggests otherwise.

In fact, an Oct. 2022 poll from USA Today/Suffolk University found that a bipartisan 75 percent majority believed that a GOP-controlled House would investigate the Biden family, particularly Hunter, and a bipartisan 52 percent majority believed that such investigations would be "warranted," which included 84 percent of Republicans and 22 percent of Democrats.

The president is also wrong in his assertion that Republicans can only "make up things" about his family, as the New York Post has shown through its investigative reporting on Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop that there is, at the very least, ample circumstantial evidence of familial corruption already in existence that warrants further scrutiny.

Biden dismisses numerous public concerns

In that interview with Woodruff, President Biden was also highly dismissive of a few other major issues, including his poor polling on job approval, public concerns about the economy and recession, his handling of the Chinese spy balloon incident, his open-ended support for Ukraine, his classified documents scandal, and even his advanced age in relation to a 2024 re-election campaign.

With regard to his consistently low approval ratings, Biden said that "the polls don't matter anymore" and suggested that fault lay not with his policy agenda but rather the incessantly negative news coverage of his administration, which also tied in to public worries about a recession, which he insisted would not occur.

He also downplayed the significance of the Chinese spy balloon that traversed the country before eventually being shot down and confirmed that the massive financial and military support he has provided to Ukraine thus far was "open-ended" and unlimited going forward.

As for his classified documents scandal, particularly in comparison to that of former President Donald Trump -- who he repeatedly bashed throughout the interview -- Biden rejected his own prior assertion that unauthorized possession of such was "totally irresponsible," argued that all that had been found were a few "stray papers," and seemed to cast blame upon his former aides and staffers for not doing a more thorough job in screening for classified materials whole packing up his things.

Then there is his age and the fact that he would be 82 in 2024 and 86 at the completion of a second term, but the president asserted that "age is not an issue anymore" and confirmed that it was his "intention" to run again but that "I haven't made that decision firmly yet."

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