Biden quietly renews push targeting gas stoves with unprecedented energy regulations

 February 2, 2023

The Biden administration's busybodies are quietly renewing a push to regulate gas stoves, weeks after the White House insisted that they had no plans to ban the common household appliance.

The Department of Energy is proposing new federal rules limiting energy consumption for gas and electric stoves for the first time, Bloomberg reported. 

Gas stove ban back?

The rules come weeks after Biden saw nationwide backlash over a proposal to ban gas stoves that was floated by Richard Trumka, Jr., who sits on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The idea was met with a furious response, especially on the right. Gaslighting progressives, as they tend to do, mocked the pushback as nothing but baseless right-wing hysteria even as the left embraced banning gas stoves as their latest fashionable moral crusade.

While the Biden White House previously said it had no designs on gas stoves, a new federal rule from the Department of Energy would establish unprecedented energy consumption standards for gas and electric stoves and ovens, Bloomberg reported.

The Department of Energy claims the regulations would result in "significant" energy savings and limit greenhouse gas emissions, bringing $67 million in "climate benefits."

White House denies

The Department of Energy admitted that half the gas stoves on the market could be impacted by the new standards capping annual energy consumption at 1204 kBTU (thousand British thermal units) per year.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, a trade group, warned the rule could effectively take 95 percent of gas stoves off the market.

“This approach by DOE could effectively ban gas appliances,” Jill Notini, a vice president with the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, said. "We are concerned this approach could eliminate fully featured gas products.”

But the government sought to downplay the rule, which would take effect for all manufactured or imported products within three years, saying the administration is "not proposing bans" and that "every major manufacturer has products that meet or exceed the requirements proposed today.”

Memo leak

While the DOE says no bans are in the works, an internal memo that was obtained by Fox News shows otherwise.

The memo, written by Trumka in October, earnestly proposed banning gas stoves to fight climate change and limit the emission of "toxic gases" in homes.

"The need for gas stove regulation has reached a boiling point," Trumka wrote. "CPSC has the responsibility to ban consumer products that emit hazardous substances, particularly, when those emissions harm children, under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act."

A recent poll found that Democratic voters support banning gas stoves -- a powerful testament to partisan tribalism after Democratic voters supported throwing vaccine skeptics in jail.

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