Biden receives more bad polls

 November 26, 2023

Politico just published an article detailing how "the polls keep getting worse for [President Joe] Biden."

The outlet starts off by referring to the New York Times/Siena College poll, from earlier this month, which showed that Biden is trailing his likely 2024 rival - former President Donald Trump - in five out of six key swing states.

Politico then goes on to report:

The president’s standing in head-to-head matchups with Trump is falling. Among the latest surveys this month from 13 separate pollsters, Biden’s position is worse than their previous polls in all but two of them.

It's true

We're not going to go through each poll result. But, Real Clear Politics - which aggregates the poll results - now has Trump beating Biden, on average, by 2.3 percentage points in the 2024 general election.

Significant is the fact that Trump's lead has only been growing in recent months.

In terms of recent polls, the two that found Trump to have the biggest lead over Biden are the Messenger's poll and Harris's poll. Both found Trump to have a six percentage point lead over Biden.

This, though, is just one of many ways that the polls are bad - and getting worse - for Biden.

There's more

Politico, in the remainder of its reports, takes readers through the various ways that Biden is failing in the polls.

The outlet, for example, points to a recent NBC News poll that found, surprisingly, that Trump is leading Biden with regard to voters under the age of 35, by a margin of 46% to 42%.

Other polls still have Biden with the lead, with regard to this demographic. But, the lead is smaller than one would expect it to be - much smaller than the support that he received from this key demographic in the 2020 presidential election.

More bad news for Biden is that recent polling shows his approval rating heading downward - to record lows - while Trump's approval rating is only going up.

According to Real Clear Politics, both Biden and Trump are currently sitting on a favorability rating, on average, of about 40%. But, once again, it has to be emphasized that Trump's numbers on individual polls have been going up, while Biden's have only been going down.

It's not looking good . . . for Biden and the Democrats

Politico's report does not really go into the fact that Biden is also failing in the polls on the issues. According to Real Clear Politics, Biden's approval rating on the issues is underwater by 21.3%.

Suffice it to say that these are not the numbers that one would expect to see from an incumbent president who is going to win his reelection.

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