Biden reopens immigration to welfare dependents

 December 30, 2022

The Biden administration has formally reopened America's doors to welfare-dependent immigrants, replacing the Trump-era "public charge" rule that sought to impose barriers on green card access.

Biden's befuddling move comes even as the southern border is being overrun with an unprecedented wave of poor, unskilled illegal immigrants, many of whom will settle indefinitely in America and become a burden to taxpayers.

Biden opens door to welfare dependents

The new rule significantly narrows the definition of "public charge," preventing the government from considering non-cash aid such as food stamps, Medicaid and public housing, the Center for Immigration Studies reported.

Under Biden, "public charge" will be defined as an immigrant who is "primarily dependent" on cash assistance or who requires long-term institutionalization.

The Biden administration introduced its "fair and humane" version of the public charge rule, which was inspired by a 1999 federal guidance, in September, and it formally took effect on December 23.

"DHS will not consider receipt of noncash benefits (for example, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, public housing, school lunch programs, etc.) other than long-term institutionalization at government expense," the Department of Homeland Security announced.

Return to normal?

Biden wasted no time upon assuming office ending Trump's "public charge" rule, which Biden and the left criticized as anti-American and cruel.

DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who has faced threats of impeachment for dereliction of duty, has said that the new policy is "consistent with America’s bedrock values."

"We will not penalize individuals for choosing to access the health benefits and other supplemental government services available to them," he said.

Despite Mayorkas' attempt to present Biden's changes as a return to normal, "public charge" restrictions have been in effect since the 1880s, when immigration of persons "unable to take care of himself or herself" was restricted.

Biden aggravates the crisis

It is Biden's warped notion of "bedrock values" that is new, and it will likely come with a cost for American citizens, who are already being made to subsidize an invasion of their own borders.

The practical effect of Biden's "public charge" policy will be to further incentivize mass immigration at a time when the system is already at its breaking point, with only Title 42, a Trump-era border policy, keeping back a human tsunami of 14,000 immigrants a day.

Already, more than 4 million immigrants have crossed the border during Biden's two years in office, which is more immigrants than the entirety of Trump's presidency.

There is nothing "normal" or "humane" about flooding a sovereign country with largely unvetted foreign nationals, who will require jobs, housing, healthcare, education for their children, and in many cases, welfare to survive. It's unsustainable, and a betrayal of the American people.

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