Biden reportedly annoyed by criticisms from 'second gentleman' about Harris assignments

 December 22, 2022

President Joe Biden was reportedly annoyed over complaints by the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris concerning her tough assignments.

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff is mentioned in a coming book by Chris Whipple called West Wing Playbook that discusses the alleged controversy.

The report

"Biden described Harris as 'a work in progress,' a friend of the president told Whipple," the Washington Examiner reported.

"Skepticism around Harris’s performance wasn’t limited to Biden. According to The Fight of His Life, a senior White House adviser griped that '[Harris’s] inner circle didn’t serve her well in the presidential campaign — and they are ill-serving her now," it added.

Emhoff's role

Though often quiet, Emhoff has been highly involved in his role at the White House.

He recently traveled to help launch the new national hotline for mental health or suicide risk.

"Instead of calling 911 for emergency, we need to get everyone to know that it's 988 for any issue that revolve around mental health or suicidal ideation or those feelings of being alone," said Emhoff. He noted that the average hold time on calls is 32 seconds.

"The Biden administration wants to highlight the 988 helpline as a support system, particularly as the holiday season often brings up feelings of stress, anxiety and depression," the report added.

Americans frustrated

Many Americans, however, are frustrated over how little Harris has accomplished in her role.

After being appointed as Biden's border czar, the border crisis has grown far worse, with almost no leadership from the vice president.

Other concerns have arisen with her ongoing gaffes, revealing additional questions about whether she could step up in the case of Biden being unavailable to lead.

The issues have also made it difficult for many Democrats to consider her for a future presidential bid, leaving the party in search of new leadership after Biden's time in office and making it more likely he will run for a second term in 2024.

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