Biden says banning gender transitioning for minors is “cruel” and "callous"

 June 9, 2023

The Associated Press reported that President Joe Biden recently made a point of slamming state laws aimed at protecting children from so-called gender-affirming care.

However, his words in some ways seem like a last gap as a growing number of young people say that the transgender movement left them with irreparable harm.

Biden calls anti-genital mutilation laws "cruel" and "callous"

"These are our kids. These are our neighbors,” the Associated Press quoted Biden as saying at a White House press conference on Thursday alongside British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak..  

“It’s cruel and it’s callous," the president insisted, stating, "It matters a great deal how we treat everyone in this country."

Biden's statement comes even while individuals like Prisha Mosley insist that their lives were forever damaged by the gender transition treatments they received as teenagers.

According to the 24-year-old, she was manipulated by therapists and doctors into making a choice that she now regrets. 

The young woman says gender transition was portrayed as "a wonderful thing"

"One of the issues I have is the lack of identity," Mosley said during a December appearance on Fox News' "America Reports."

"And on top of not having a lot of friends and having issues at home, when I found the trans community and found a new identity and was affirmed… that's what caused me to transition," she explained. 

"I was manipulated not only by my trans peers, but by my gender specialist, the person who gave me my letter of recommendation in surgery. It was all sold as, like, a wonderful thing," Mosley continued. 

"It wasn't like a medical condition that you needed to be treated that was sad or serious," the young woman went on to recall. 

Mosley had both of her breasts removed

"It was like a fun thing like you're trans now and it's celebrated and you're wonderful and you're a hero and all of that. And you know, that attention is what I was looking for," she noted. 

Fox News pointed out that many of the treatments Mosley underwent are irreversible, including the double mastectomy that removed her breasts.

"The whole time to me, I feel like I was in like a fugue. I was so mentally unwell and unstable, and that was the time in which the trans community really found me," she declared.

"But the whole thing just feels really messed up to me," Mosley told host John Roberts, adding, "I'm heartbroken... there's just a lot of grief."

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