Biden says he is unsure when US hostages will be free as he goes Black Friday shopping with Hunter Biden

November 25, 2023

President Joe Biden admitted that he wasn't sure when American hostages held by the terrorist group Hamas would be freed.

Hamas has approximately 10 Americans held hostage from the October 7th terrorist attack on Israel. Hamas took hostages of all nationalities but released dozens as part of a deal negotiated with Israel in return for a ceasefire. 

13 Israelis, 10 Thai citizens and one Filipino citizen were released on Friday but there has been little news about the ten Americans that are being held.

To make matters worse, President Biden doesn't seem to be in any hurry to deal with this situation as he went Black Friday shopping in Nantucket, Massachusetts, with his son, Hunter Biden.

This has outraged many who rightly expected Biden to be working tirelessly to free those held by terrorists. Instead, the families of those being held will have to wait and hope that unhinged terrorists don't decide to suddenly execute their loved ones.

Shameful situation

In years past, being an American citizen carried a certain protection with it. Now terrorists are taking hostages without fear of repercussion or retaliation from the United States.

The Biden administration has been purposely quiet about the hostage situation in Gaza.

During his shopping spree, Biden told reporters asking about the hostages that "We don’t know when that will occur… It is my hope and expectation it will be soon."

That answer isn't acceptable and Americans should demand he do much more to free those who are being held at the mercy of barbaric terrorists.

If former President Donald Trump were in office he would likely be threatening Hamas with brutal military retaliation unless the hostages were released safe and sound immediately.

Biden's weakness is only making the world more unsafe for Americans who will become even more valuable targets if terrorists don't have to fear the might of the U.S. military.

It would be one thing if a rogue nation like North Korea took a visiting tourist hostage, but this is a terrorist organization that is already being crushed by the Israeli military. Joe Biden needs to do less shopping and more wielding power against our enemies.

Future of Gaza

Israel has agreed to a ceasefire but that will only last for a few days. Israel has sworn to destroy both Hamas and free every hostage that was taken by the organization on that horrible day nearly two months ago.

The issue with that is we cannot rely on Israel to save our people. The more inevitable defeat becomes, the more likely that Hamas will choose to execute those hostages as a final act of vengeance against Israel and the United States.

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