Biden says he stopped Israel from invading Haifa--one of their own cities

 April 19, 2024

President Joe Biden appeared to be confused about the state of affairs in Israel and his part in the conflict on Wednesday during remarks from his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania--claiming he prevented Israel from attacking Haifa, which is one of their own cities.

The Republican National Committee posted the video of Biden's remarks on X, but news agencies appeared to cut the remarks from the interview that was eventually aired.

"I made it clear to the Israelis--Don't move on Haifa!" Biden said.

Capitulating to protests

Biden's comments came in response to a question from reporters about how he has responded to pro-Palestinian protesters from his party who want Israel to stop attacking Hamas in Gaza because of the high number of civilians being killed there.

Biden has pressured Israel not to enter Ramah, a city in Gaza where the last Hamas fighters are thought to be located along with the remaining hostages, including some Americans.

His remarks seemed like an attempt to take credit for Israel not having done so, at least not yet.

Israel has vowed to completely annihilate Hamas after it attacked and killed 1,200 Israelis and a few Americans on October 7, however, so they may eventually need to go into Ramah at some point.

He's stuck

Biden is caught between doing the right thing, which is supporting Israel's right to defend itself and retaliate for Hamas's attack, and the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel sentiment of part of his base.

His position in support of Israel has cost him votes in primaries--an average of 13% of Democrats have voted "uncommitted" or for a third party when historically, that number has been closer to 7%, according to the New York Times.

In some states, nearly 30% of Democrat voters have voted for a candidate other than Biden, or no candidate at all. This is concerning for him and for Democrats as the general election nears.

Much of the protest vote seems to be related to his stance on Israel, particularly in states like Michigan with a high Arab population. While the consequences of the U.S. fully abandoning Israel would be severe for Biden and for the world, he's trying to strike a balance between supporting Israel and condemning its actions in killing Palestinians.

Never mind that Hamas is using Gazan civilians as human shields and driving up the casualty numbers as well as taking aid meant for Gazan citizens for themselves.

Not all there

The gaffe is the latest evidence that Biden is not all there mentally, despite claims by his campaign, the Democrat party, and most media outlets to the contrary.

The emperor has no clothes, if clothes represent mental acuity, and all the powers that be just want to keep pretending that he's dressed to the nines.

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