Biden says 'I applaud China' during Canada trip

March 27, 2023

President Joe Biden made a massive gaffe during a speech in Canada where he said he applauded China instead of Canada.

The president quickly corrected himself following the major blunder before the Canadian people.

The comments

“Today, I applaud China for stepping up,” the 80-year-old president said in a speech to Canada’s parliament. “Excuse me, I applaud Canada.”

Biden quickly added, “You can tell what I’m thinking about China. I won’t get into that yet.”

The fentanyl crisis

Biden also highlighted his plans to work with Canada and others to oppose the fentanyl crisis.

“Canada and the United States are working closely with our partner in Mexico to attack this problem at every stage, from the precursor chemicals shipped from overseas to the powder to the pills to the traffickers moving into all of our countries,” Biden said.

“And we all know, [the] synthetic opioid epidemic has its roots around the globe, not just here. So today, we’re announcing a commitment to build a new global coalition of like-minded countries led by Canada and the United States to tackle this crisis. This is about public health," he added.

Focus on fentanyl

The focus on fentanyl is part of the president's growing focus on opposing the drug that has been responsible for the deaths of a growing number of Americans during the Biden administration.

The drug's increased access in the U.S. is largely due to Biden's border policies, however, which have allowed millions of illegal migrant crossings along with an unknown amount of fentanyl and other drugs.

The drug is also made in large quantities in China and shipped internationally, indicating another concern from the nation that has been a problem for the U.S. in multiple areas.

Biden may have accidentally applauded China, but his policies have often shown much favor to the nation which has been a problem for America during his administration, including his own son's scandals with Chinese businesses currently under investigation by Congress.

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