Biden says Israel is 'starting to lose' support due to 'indiscriminate bombing'

 December 13, 2023

In a bombshell move, President Joe Biden publicly accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of engaging in "indiscriminate bombing" as part of its war against Hamas.

According to CNN, those remarks were made on Tuesday as the president addressed Democratic donors at a fundraiser.

President claims Israel is "starting to lose" international support

"I think he has to change, and with this government, this government in Israel is making it very difficult for him to move," the president was quoted as saying.

He went on to accuse Netanyahu of leading the "most conservative government in Israel’s history" which "doesn’t want a two-state solution."What's more, Biden also said that although Israel "has most of the world supporting it," the Jewish state is "starting to lose that support by the indiscriminate bombing that takes place."

Critics dispute Biden's claim that Israel is attacking indiscriminately

The president's allegation was countered by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, who noted that Israel has the ability to wipe out Gaza's population from the air and yet has chosen to instead put its own soldiers in harm's way.

Biden's remarks came as he faces growing demands from many on the left to put more pressure on Netanyahu's government.

They include Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who put out a video on Wednesday in which he asked the White House to halt military aid to Israel and back a United Nation resolution calling for a ceasefire.

Sanders says Israel has gone "to war against the Palestinian people"

"Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas terrorism. It does not have the right to go to war against the Palestinian people and kill thousands of innocent children, and women, and men, " Sanders could be heard saying.

"I have asked President Biden to do two things. Number one, not support $10 billion for Netanyahu’s right-wing government to continue their horrific military strategy," he continued.

"Number two, to support the United Nations resolution which would provide a humanitarian ceasefire so that the U.N. and other aid organizations can provide humanitarian relief that the Palestinian people desperately need," the Vermont senator went on to add.

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