Biden says there are "probably 50" other Democrats who could beat Trump

December 7, 2023

NBC News reported that President Joe Biden told reporters this week that he isn't the only person capable of beating former President Donald Trump.

While he didn't provide any names, the president indicated that there are dozens of Democrats who could replace him on the ballot. 

Biden says there are "probably 50" other Democrats capable of defeating Trump

Biden's admission came at the White House on Wednesday after he gave remarks demanding that Congress provide more assistance to Ukraine.

When a journalist asked if "there are any Democrats who could beat Donald Trump other than you," the president said there are "probably 50 of them." He later added, "I'm not the only one who can beat him, but I will beat him."

That message appears to contradict remarks Biden delivered to supporters at an event held in Boston just one day earlier.

Minnesota Democrat warns Biden will lose to Trump

According to NBC News, the president said he is "not sure" he would be seeking a second term if Trump were not in the race, suggesting that he sees his candidacy as indispensable.

One person who believes he would be better positioned to take on Trump is Minnesota Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips.

During an appearance on NBC News' "Meet the Press" last month, Phillips pointed to Trump's growing strength in the polls.

"Right now, if this election was held today, President Biden would lose, and it is an existential threat to the future of the United States of America. That will not happen under my watch," he declared.

"I’m not running against Joe Biden ... I’m running for the future. Yes, we have some policy differences, but I’m a proud Democrat," Phillips insisted.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal downplays Phillips' run

However, Phillips' primary challenge to Biden has not been well received by other elected Democrats, including Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

Jayapal cast doubt on the Minnesota lawmaker's candidacy during her own "Meet the Press" appearance, complaining that she has "no idea what he is running on."

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