Biden sees drop in Democrat support

 October 31, 2023

Just when President Joe Biden thought maybe he had hit ratings rock bottom, he found a new way to lose support from even his most loyal supporters.

Biden's steadfast support for Israel after Hamas brutally attacked it has caused a significant drop in his support from Democrats, some of whom support Hamas and the Palestinians.

According to Gallup, Biden's support among Democrats dropped from 86% to 75% in the last month, since the attack by Hamas and Israel's response.

A definite link

The results “strongly suggest that Democrats’ approval of Biden fell sharply in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas and Biden’s promise of full support for Israel on the same day,” Megan Brenan, a Gallup research consultant, wrote about the poll.

“Biden’s immediate and decisive show of support for Israel following the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas appears to have turned off some in his own party, resulting in Democrats’ worst assessment of the president since he took office,” she added.

A Gallup poll published in March showed that 49% of Democrats were sympathetic to Palestinians while only 38% were sympathetic to Israelis.

Younger generations were more likely to take the Palestinian side.

Majority still supports Israel

Overall in America, 68% support Israel while only 26% support the Palestinians.

“Regardless of the reasons that Democrats’ (and, to a lesser extent, independents’) views have changed on the conflict, majorities of all generational and party groups still view Israel favorably and look more favorably on Israel than on the Palestinian Authority,” director of U.S. social research at Gallup Lydia Saad wrote following the study. “This suggests that while rank-and-file Democrats may want Palestinians’ needs addressed, they will want solutions that respect Israel’s needs as well.”

Biden has an overall approval rating of 40%, which is not that much lower than former Presidents Donald Trump (40.7%) and Barack Obama (41%) at this point in their first term.

He's still way above another former President, Jimmy Carter (D), who had a 31.4% approval rating at this point in his presidency.

That's really where Biden should be, given the problems in the economy, on the border, and in other areas of the economy.

Biden should realize that it can always get worse, and it very well might in the next 12 months before the next election takes place.

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