Biden signs executive order tightening gun restrictions

 March 15, 2023

In a move that left Second Amendment supporters furious, President Joe Biden signed an executive order this week which tightens gun restrictions. 

The order will require that all background checks be finalized prior to gun purchases, a step the president said is designed to move "the U.S. as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation."

Executive order promotes increased use of so-called "red flag" laws

Other provisions include support for the implementation of more so-called "red flag" laws, legislation under which firearms can be seized, often with minimal due process.

What's more, the Daily Wire reported that Biden called for legislative action on guns during a speech in Monterey Park, California on Tuesday.

Just over two months ago, the city saw 11 people murdered at a Lunar New Year event, something the president described "one of the worst mass shootings in California history" and "a tragedy that has pierced the soul of the entire nation."

"I’m here on behalf of the American people. To mourn with, to pray with you, and let you know that you’re not alone," Biden told his audience.

President calls on Congress to ban "assault weapons" and limit magazine capacity

"None of this absolves Congress from the responsibility of acting: to pass universal background checks, [and] eliminate gun manufacturing immunity from liability. And I’m determined, once again, to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines," the president insisted.

The White House's official Twitter account reiterated Biden's call for more gun restriction in a tweet put out on Wednesday.

Father of girl killed in Parkland school shooting: "Criminals don’t obey gun laws"

Critics quickly reacted with scorn to the president's latest push, with Florida State Board of Education member Ryan Petty tweeting, "It’s time for your nap."

Fox News noted that Ryan founded the conservative school safety organization WalkUp Foundation after his daughter was murdered in 2018 at Florida's Stoneman Douglas High School. He told the network, "Criminals don’t obey gun laws."

Pro-Ron Desantis attorney Marina Medvin spoke up as well, tweeting, "No, Congress should not violate constitutional rights."

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