Biden signs executive order to help military members and their families

 June 11, 2023

While Democrats spend most of their time helping illegal immigrants obtain shelter, food, clothing and state resources, active military and veterans -- and their families -- often get shoved to the side. 

According to The Fayetteville Observer, President Joe Biden finally focused some attention back on our military members and their families by signing an executive order aimed at providing more resources for them, including employment and financial resources.

At a recent ceremony that took place at "For Liberty," the new woke designation for what everyone else still knows as Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Biden signed the order, which contains "20 actions designed to eliminate employment barriers and increase economic opportunity for military and veteran spouses, and for caregivers and survivors."

The ceremony drew hundreds of military families and took place at the post's Hercules Fitness Center.

"Sacred obligation"

Biden touted America's military families during the ceremony, emphasizing the importance of taking care of them and providing opportunities while their loved ones serve.

"The most sacred obligation America has is to prepare those we send into harm’s way and care for them and their families when they come home or deploy," the president said. "Today we’re taking an important step to — towards fulfilling that obligation."

After his debacle in the Afghanistan withdraw and numerous other occasions when military members and their families were left behind, both physically and metaphorically, it's about time he shifts his priorities.

The president added: "It matters to our military recruitment and retention.  It matters to our troops’ readiness and resilience, and it matters to our nation’s safety and security."

The outlet noted some of the action items:

Biden said the order encourages all federal agencies to retain military spouses with policies such as flexibility when a spouse’s service member changes duty stations or allowing a spouse to work remotely if their service member is stationed overseas.

"Personally grateful"

Tiffany Zoeller, who introduced Biden at the event, recalled her personal experience with receiving help while her husband served.

"I’m personally grateful for the recognition and support the Biden administration is giving to military spouses and their families … this support is so important to allow families like mine to thrive while our loved ones are serving in uniform," Zoeller said.

While the Observer, unsurprisingly, glanced over a common lie Biden tells during military speeches, social media reacted to his false story about losing his son, Beau Biden, in Iraq.

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