Biden signs provisional law for backup water source in Washington DC

 December 26, 2022

With crippling inflation taking its toll on hard-working Americans across the nation, President Joe Biden and his administration seem to be focused on all the wrong priorities, including his latest actions taken to find an alternative water source for Washington D.C. 

According to The Washington Times, last week, at the behest of Democratic Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the president signed a provision into law that would allow the proper authorities to locate a backup water source.

Currently, residents of Washington D.C., and the thousands of politicians and staff who work in the nation's capital, rely on the Potomac River for fresh water.

Norton, who doesn't seem to be worried about gas prices or food prices for her constituents, is more concerned about what might happen to the water supply if, gasp, climate change depletes the river.

"I am pleased"

Of course, Norton knows that in this administration, one only has to drop the "climate change" fearmongering pseudo-science to spark action from the radical handlers who direct the cognitively-challenged Biden's every move.

"I am pleased the president signed into law my three provisions in WRDA that address issues D.C. has long confronted," Norton said.

She added: "These provisions will serve to protect the drinking water and other infrastructure of the nation’s capital from serious vulnerabilities and will benefit D.C. residents for years to come."

The congresswoman also said the provisions will help in the event of a natural disaster taking out Washington D.C.'s water supply from the river.

The Times noted: "Three provisions were included in the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, which included efforts to authorize the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to conduct studies on a secondary drinking water source and additional drinking water storage capabilities for the District."

One-day supply?

The Potomac River feeds the Washington Aqueduct, which provides the bulk of the fresh water supply to the city. Amazingly, the Times noted that the city has only a one-day backup supply of fresh water.

Other major cities already have multiple backups in place.

While it's certainly important to establish such emergency fallbacks, one has to wonder why that already hasn't been accomplished in the most important city in the United States.

Though "climate change" is a dumb reason to pursue the search for a backup, it should definitely still be figured out, but from an optics perspective, it seems that DC politicians and the White House might have higher priorities at the moment.


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