Biden sneaks Eagles' Jordan Mailata into White House for Christmas

 December 26, 2023

Joe Biden surprised his wife Jill on Christmas Eve with a special musical performance from Jordan Mailata, an offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The 26-year-old Australia native serenaded Jill with a cover of Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas."

Biden's Christmas surprise

While known for his massive stature, the 6-foot-nine Mailata has an impressive set of pipes as well.

The Australia native - who played professional rugby before joining the Eagles in 2018 - was a contestant on The Masked Singer this year, and he has recorded two Christmas albums with fellow Eagles Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson.

The Bidens snapped a photo on Christmas Eve with Mailata, who gifted them a vinyl copy of the Eagles' newest album.

Biden panders to Philly.....

The Eagles ended a losing streak with a 33-25 win over the Giants on Christmas, putting the Eagles in a strong position heading into the playoffs.

Biden is known for playing up his ties to Pennsylvania and Philly in particular, and his wife is a vocal supporter of the Eagles.

"As your president, I’m not picking favorites. But as Jill Biden’s husband, fly Eagles, fly," Joe Biden tweeted ahead of last year's Super Bowl.

Biden's attempts to connect with Philly's passionate sports fans have sometimes fallen flat. During an event in April, Biden told a group of children he was rooting for the Flyers to win the Stanley Cup, not realizing the Flyers failed to make the playoffs.

While Biden's obsession with Philly sports appears largely bogus, his ties to the city are not without foundation - Biden's think tank, the Penn Biden Center, has come under scrutiny over donations from China.

It appears likely that Biden's "Christmas surprise" for his wife was just another PR stunt to make them seem relatable in Pennsylvania, a pivotal swing state in the upcoming presidential election.

Biden has been slipping in the polls, leaving allies worried he will fumble the election and put Donald Trump back in power.

Jill Biden has been unusually active as a campaign surrogate for her aging husband, who turned 81 in November.

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