Biden 'surrender' plan rejected by Netanyahu

 January 22, 2024

A plan put forward by Egypt, Qatar, and President Joe Biden to end the war in Gaza has been soundly rejected by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The three-stage plan would have required Israel to release Hamas terrorists and withdraw completely from the region in exchange for the gradual release of Israeli hostages.

The Hamas terrorists still in Gaza would be allowed to keep their weapons and political power in Gaza under this plan.

Such a plan would mean defeat for Israel, which vowed to completely eliminate Hamas after 1,000 Hamas fighters attacked Israel in October, killing 1,200 Israelis in an unprovoked attack.

"Utterly reject"

"[L]et it be clear: I utterly reject the Hamas monsters’ capitulation terms," he said in a press release.

He laid out his reasons with stark clarity: "Were we to agree to this – our soldiers would have fallen in vain. Were we to agree to this – we would not be able to ensure the security of our citizens. We would be unable to safely restore the evacuees to their homes and the next October 7 would be only a question of time. I am not prepared to accept such a mortal blow to the security of Israel; therefore, we will not agree to this."

"The conditions being proposed by Hamas underscore a simple point," he added. "There is no substitute for victory. Only total victory will ensure the elimination of Hamas and the return of all our hostages."

Netanyahu said that he shared his viewpoint with Biden over the weekend.

"I greatly appreciate the US support for Israel and I also expressed this to the President," he said. "However, I will strongly insist on our vital interests. I emphasized to President Biden our determination to achieve all of the goals of the war, and to ensure that Gaza never again constitutes a threat to Israel."

"Strongly insist"

Netanyahu in so many words said that anyone who disagrees with his viewpoint should challenge him politically and present their viewpoints to the Israeli people.

"As long as I am Prime Minister, I will continue to strongly insist on this," he said. "If someone has a different position, they should show leadership and candidly state their position to the citizens of Israel.”

Hamas has already proven that they are prone to unprovoked attacks on Israel and can't be trusted to leave Israel alone or keep their word on any deal that would be made.

Netanyahu's way is the only way to keep Israel safe and secure, as much as the rest of the world wants to see the war end.

Biden is, as usual, on the wrong side of this one.

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