Biden tells Americans they 'need some F-15s' to challenge the government

 January 17, 2023

In an odd moment this week, President Joe Biden declared that Americans need "F-15s" to challenge the federal government. 

According to Fox News, the comment was made on Martin Luther King Jr. Day as he addressed Al Sharpton's National Action Network (NAN).

Biden says semiautomatic firearms have "no social redeeming value"

"I love my right-wing friends who talk about the tree of liberty is water of the blood of patriots," he said, referring to a statement made in 1787 by Declaration of Independence author Thomas Jefferson.

"If you need to work about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s," Biden continued, adding, "You don't need an AR-15. I'm serious. Think about it."

"Think about the rationale for this. It's about money," the president asserted before claiming that semiautomatic firearms have no "social redeeming value."

This is despite the fact that such weapons have often allowed crime victims to defend themselves from multiple violent attackers.

Fox News noted that Biden made similar comments during a July of 2021 speech at the White House on gun violence, insisting, "You need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons."

Biden falsely claims that Constitution bans cannon ownership

"The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn't buy a cannon," he went on to declare.

"The point is that there has always been the ability to limit — rationally limit — the type of weapon that can be owned and who can own it," Biden added.

Yet according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), cannons remain unregulated under federal law to this day.

"Muzzleloading cannons manufactured in or before 1898 (and replicas thereof) that are not capable of firing fixed ammunition are considered antiques and not subject to the provisions of either the Gun Control Act (GCA) or National Firearms Act (NFA)," the agency's website explains.

Even the left-leaning website Politifact acknowledged that the president's claim was false, pointing out that the first federal gun control legislation was not enacted until 1934.

David Kopel serves as research director and Second Amendment project director at the Independence Institute, and he was quoted as telling Politifact that "Biden's statement is completely false."

"Neither in 1791 nor in the preceding centuries was there any American law against owning particular types of arms," Kopel explained.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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