Biden tells child he's rooting for the Flyers in the NHL playoffs, despite team's failure to qualify

 April 28, 2023

President Biden is rooting for the Philadelphia Flyers to win the Stanley Cup this year, despite the team not being a contestant in the playoffs.

A child asked the 80-year-old president whether he is watching the playoffs and to share his favorite team.

"I did, and I do. The Philadelphia Flyers," he said during a "Take Your Child to Work" event at the White House.

It seems that Biden short-circuited and went into "pandering politician" mode, without even thinking about the question being asked.

Biden loses it again

The Flyers did not advance to the playoffs this year after placing second to last in the Metropolitan Division, with 31 wins, 38 losses and 13 overtime losses.

The kid, unfazed, said he's rooting for the New Jersey Devils, to which Biden responded blankly, "that's a good thing."

Some sly Twitter observers joked that Biden may be forgetting what decade he's living in. The Flyers won back-to-back championships in 1974 and 1975. At the time, Biden was just beginning his political career as a senator from Delaware.

The charade goes on

Biden also became confused when a child asked him what the last country he traveled to was. The correct answer was Ireland.

Biden's latest slip-ups come after he was caught once again consulting a detailed cheat sheet during one of his rare press conferences Wednesday. The crib notes included the name and face of a journalist and a complete phrasing of her anticipated question.

Despite widespread skepticism of his fitness for duty, the notoriously sheltered president declared this week that he will seek a second term to defend "democracy" from "MAGA extremists."

Presumably, Biden will be leaning on an army of sycophants in the liberal press to clean up his many "gaffes" and keep questions about his age out of voters' minds.

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