Biden tells Netanyahu that the U.S. will not support an Israeli counterattack on Iran

 April 15, 2024

Over the weekend, President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the U.S. government will not support a counterattack by Israel on Iran. 

Biden did so, according to Axios, just after Iran launched a barrage of hundreds of missiles at Israel.

The outlet reports that Biden spoke with Netanyahu on Saturday by telephone.

The big question is why the contents of this conversation have been made public. Read on to see what the answer might be.

More weakness from Biden

Many, including former President Donald Trump, are arguing that it is Biden's weakness on the world stage that has led to Iran's attack on Israel.

Prior to the missile barrage, the reader will likely remember that Biden shifted his support from Israel to Palestine, and this culminated in Biden calling for a ceasefire between Israel and the Hama terrorists. It was not long after this that Iran carried out its attack.

Now, we are seeing more weakness from Biden as he has essentially told Netanyahu to take Iran's attack on the chin, to not retaliate.

Axios reports, "Biden and his senior advisers are highly concerned an Israeli response to Iran's attack on Israel would lead to a regional war with catastrophic consequences, U.S. officials said."

Biden, after Iran's attack, also apparently told Netanyahu "You got a win. Take the win." It appears that Biden is referring to the fact that Israel, with the help of U.S. and other military personnel, was largely able to rebuff Iran's attack.

So, why was the Biden-Netanyahu call leaked?

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) believes that he knows why, and the reason might surprise you.

During an appearance on CNN on Sunday, Rubio claimed that it was the Biden White House that "leaked" the contents of the call, and that it did so to further a political objective.

"They know that Israel’s going to respond. They know this for a fact. So, why would the White House leak it?" Rubio asked.

He continued, "There’s only one reason they leaked that. And that is that so when Israel does respond, the White House can say, 'We told them not to do it,' and at least somehow in some way, appease these so-called peace activists."

Rubio, by "peace activists," is referring to all those who have been calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, including pro-Palestinian Democrats. Rubio, during his CNN appearance, also argued that Biden telling Netanyahu not to respond to Iran's attack only "encourages Iran."

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