Biden to sign executive order over artificial intelligence monitoring

October 29, 2023

President Joe Biden plans to sign an executive order to allow more monitoring of artificial intelligence.

The order could be signed as early as Monday, impacting how the federal government uses AI technology.

The order

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has extraordinary potential for both promise and peril,” a draft of the order obtained by The Hill said.

“Responsible AI use has the potential to help solve urgent challenges making our world more prosperous, productive, innovative, and secure. At the same time, irresponsible use could exacerbate societal harms like fraud, discrimination, bias, and disinformation," it added.

The changes

"The Washington Post, citing several people familiar with the matter, on Wednesday said the order would require 'advanced AI models to undergo assessments before they can be used by federal workers,'" Yahoo Finance reported.

"It would also help ease barriers for highly skilled workers seeking to immigrate to the United States, in order to boost the country's technological competitiveness," it continued.

The problems

"The order is expected to require AI models to be assessed before they can be used by federal workers and help ease barriers for highly skilled workers seeking to move to the U.S. to work in the field," Forbes reported.

"However, early reports of the order last month set "alarm bells" ringing in the world of crypto due to fears it could classify computing power as a 'national resource,'" it noted.

In addition to problems facing the cryptocurrency industry, AI monitoring by the federal government could increase bias in a variety of ways.

Some current concerns about AI have included content against conservative views in areas ranging from gender, sexuality, abortion and terrorist groups such as Hamas.

The additional control of the federal government over AI usage also comes across as a red flag to those supporting limited government. The government has already been alleged of overreach in censorship through its connections with Big Tech social media companies in situations that have led to major court battles

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