Biden trip to St. Croix during deadly winter storm shows he is out of touch with Americans

 January 3, 2023

The Boston Herald has joined the chorus of mostly conservative voices decrying President Joe Biden's recent holiday trip to St. Croix as out-of-touch, with a New Year's Eve op-ed by Peter Lucas calling it "bad optics" to leave the country while "scores" of people died in a bad winter storm. 

"Someone should have told Joe Biden that vacationing in St. Croix was not a good idea," Lucas began. "He could have chosen better. And leaving the country at this time was bad optics."

Biden "appeared to have abandoned the country" while thousands of people were without power and over 60 died, most of them in Erie County, New York.

In addition, he flew off on Air Force One while thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, were stranded in airports when their flights were canceled. Many were trying to get home for the holidays and could not.

Treatment of illegal immigrants

Lucas also made mention of the thousands of immigrants who crossed the border illegally as the storm swept across Texas and other border areas, bringing below-freezing temperatures. Some of the immigrants encountered overcrowded shelters and had to sleep on the ground in the cold.

Biden has repeatedly claimed to care about illegal immigrants, but once they come into the country, he doesn't seem overly concerned about them if he lets them sleep on freezing streets while he vacations in the tropics.

“'Come to America and sleep in the streets,' seems to be Biden’s message to immigrants from around the world,' Lucas commented.

Why can't the left see it as compassionate to discourage immigration and stop the flood that will surely risk the lives of many as conditions continue to deteriorate?

The Columbus link

Lucas also brought up the fact that St. Croix is where Christopher Columbus landed.

The left now loves to hate Columbus, who did some good and some not-so-good things when he landed on the shores of St. Croix.

"Being the woke and progressive president that he is, one would think that he would have enough political awareness and moral sensitivity to vacation elsewhere, and not on an island where Christopher Columbus allegedly brought racism to America," Lucas said.

While Lucas expressed that he thinks Columbus's voyages were "miracles" that "awakened the world," he is aware that Democrats only see Columbus as an enslaver who invaded America and harmed indigenous peoples.

Another Biden misstep

Biden should be aware of that fact and avoid St. Croix, Lucas seems to suggest.

Yet another Biden misstep in a whole litany of them. He is truly among the worst presidents in history already.

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