Biden trips, falls going up steps of Air Force One (again) leaving Poland

February 25, 2023

As President Joe Biden boarded Air Force One Wednesday to leave Warsaw, Poland following a surprise visit to Ukraine, he once again tripped up the steps and fell momentarily before getting up to continue. 

It's not the first time Biden has tripped on the stairs of Air Force One.

"It's pretty windy"

A previous stumble in March 2021 was blamed on windy conditions, with then-Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre saying she almost tripped as well.

“It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself,” Jean-Pierre said.

She added that Biden “is doing 100 percent.”

It's getting painful to watch the president for any length of time because of his numerous stumbles, both over his feet and over his own words and ideas at times.

Biden gives Ukraine another $600 million

His visit to Ukraine and Poland was mostly well-received, which is not surprising since he came with checkbook in hand and gave another $600 million to the war-torn nation.

Never mind that the U.S. is already 31 trillion in debt and doesn't have the money to help Ukraine. Just add it to the taxpayers' tab like everything else, your grandchildren can pay for it.

Reportedly, the visit was meant to bolster his credibility with voters and set up an announcement that will make Biden an official candidate for re-election.

Outside of campaigning, there was no real reason for the visit, which had to be risky given that Kyiv where he visited has been under attack for most of the last year. Still, he was welcomed by Zelenksy, who had been asking him to visit for most of the last year.

Playing both sides

While Biden's support for Ukraine may be the one policy area where he doesn't look like a failure to most voters, it's only because he's piggybacking on the grit, determination, and courage of the underdog nation as it seeks to prevent itself from being swallowed up by Russia, with help from Iran and possibly China.

Somehow voters are missing the fact that his cancellation of sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline started the war in the first place by making America look weak and unable to stop it.

Additionally, his refusal to enforce sanctions on Iran is in effect, funding both sides of the war by enabling Iran to give drones and other logistical assistance to Russia. Biden has tripped and stumbled in more ways than one, with his physical weakness mirroring his weakness as a leader.

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