Biden turns down request to provide fighter jets to Ukraine

 January 31, 2023

President Joe Biden said the U.S. will not provide Ukraine with jets for military use as requested by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Biden shared the news with reporters on Monday outside of the White House.

Zelensky's plea

"It is very important to maintain the dynamics of defense support from our partners. The speed of supply has been and will be one of the key factors in this war," Zelensky said on Sunday.

"Russia hopes to drag out the war, to exhaust our forces. So we have to make time our weapon. We must speed up the events, speed up the supply and opening of new necessary weaponry options for Ukraine," he added.

American military equipment

Despite turning down F-16s to Ukraine, the U.S. has sent a massive amount of military gear to help the former Soviet republic to defend itself from Russia's invasion.

"The Biden administration is sending an entire battalion of 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, after a complicated diplomatic dance that has seen Germany announce its own decision to send 14 tanks to Kiev, with more on the way," the Daily Mail reported.

"The US is proving 31 tanks at the cost of $400 million total. Officials are also providing 500 armored vehicles as part of the package," it added.

Despite Biden's turndown for now about military jets, Poland is sending signs that it might be able to provide F-16s.

“Just as it was a few months ago, when the delivery of MiG fighter jets to Ukraine was discussed, any other aircraft will be transferred [to Ukraine] in consultation with NATO countries,” Polish Prime Minister Matusz Morawiecki said.

As the war in Ukraine lingers on for nearly a year, Western nations seem to be getting more involved rather than less. However, many fear that Ukraine is dragging America into a major war that will last for years.

The issue is likely to become a key part of the 2024 presidential campaign as the battle ramps up between Biden and Republican challengers, including a comeback bid by former President Donald Trump.

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