Biden Undoes Trump's Decision To Leave UNESCO

 June 14, 2023

Donald Trump removed America from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization "on the grounds that it consistently supported the interests of Palestinian terrorist groups and unfairly maligned Israel, often at the detriment of protecting heritage sites."

America left UNESCO in 2019, the same year that Israel withdrew.

Trump had actually made the decision back in 2017, but had to wait for America's membership to expire two years later to formally withdraw.

Donald Trump made the decision to scale back America's foreign spending in general during his presidency. One of those moves was to decrease involvement with the United Nations in general. Trump withdrew America from the World Health Organization and the Human Rights Council because those members are mostly dictatorships.

Despite Trump's decisions helping America grow in ways we had never seen before, Joe Biden had to get his stinky old self involved.

Not only is Joe Biden putting America right back into UNESCO, he's paying $600 MILLION to do it.

Small potatoes for somebody who regularly makes $5,000,000 from bribery payments, but many Americans are furious to see our tax dollars going to the historical preservation society.

That's because UNESCO doesn't even put their ridiculous fees to good use. In the last decade alone, UNESCO "failed to prevent, among other disasters, the rampant destruction of priceless artifacts and ancient sites by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria."

For some reason, Joe Biden just installed America as a top funder of the horrible organization again.

UNESCO head, French former Culture Minister Audrey Azoulay, was pretty pumped up over Biden's "strong act of confidence" in the organization.

"This is a strong act of confidence, in UNESCO and in multilateralism. Not only in the centrality of the Organization’s mandate – culture, education, science, information – but also in the way this mandate is being implemented today," Audrey said.

Joe Biden said that he had to get America back in the organization because "his administration is concerned about Chinese influence there."

What do you think? Does Joe Biden really have good reason to start giving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to UNESCO, or should he have left America out of it?

Let us know in the comments below.

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