Biden unveils draconian environmental rule designed to ban gas powered cars

 April 14, 2023

Joe Biden announced a draconian new environmental rule Wednesday that would force America to adopt electric vehicles as the new standard mode of transportation. 

If the Environmental Protection Agency edict is allowed to go forward, roughly two-thirds of cars on the market would have to be electric in less than a decade.

EPA director Michael Regan touted the new carbon emission rules as the "strongest ever federal pollution standards for cars and trucks," but of course, reducing pollution is not the purpose of these standards.

The real goal is to -- as Regan admitted -- "accelerate the ongoing transition to a clean vehicles future" by making gas powered vehicles illegal.

Biden cracks down on gas cars

Biden's standards will affect cars with the model years 2027-2032. His target is shockingly ambitious: as of right now, electric vehicles account for less than 6 percent of the automotive market in the U.S.

But Biden is determined to change that through sheer government force, apparently.

The automotive industry, while supportive of Biden's woke "green" agenda, called his standards "aggressive by any measure."

"The question isn't can this be done, it's how fast can it be done, and how fast will depend almost exclusively on having the right policies and market conditions in place," the Alliance for Automotive Innovation said.

Power grab

Indeed, Biden is putting the cart way before the horse. While Biden has used Americans' tax dollars to subsidize his "green" revolution, steering billions toward electric charging stations and tax credits to incentivize people to buy electric cars, the U.S. hasn't developed an industrial base to meet his lofty goals.

The supply chain for electric car components is dominated by China -- where, ironically, most of the world's greenhouse gases are generated.

Rather than confront China over its flagrant polluting, it looks like Biden is going to erase a form of technology Americans have used for a century -- at the stroke of a pen.

“Today, the Biden administration made clear it wants to decide for Americans what kinds of cars and trucks we are allowed to buy, lease, and drive​,” Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-Wv.), the ranking Republican on the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee, said.

This is completely tyrannical, but then again, this is the same president who forced Americans to take Big Pharma's COVID vaccines against their will.

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Thomas Jefferson
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