Biden urges Israel to follow 'rules of war' in retaliation against Hamas

 October 15, 2023

President Joe Biden has already ordered two carrier strike groups to the Mediterreanean in a show of deterrence in the wake of the cowardly Hamas-led attack on Israel last week, and has vowed to support Israel in every way possible.

Even as the White House took the position that Israel has every right to defend itself in the wake of one of the deadliest attacks in the Jewish state's history, President Biden seemed to send mixed messages last week.

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top leaders vowed to crush and eliminate Hamas, Biden urged Israel to "follow the rules of war."

Though it's not "war" in the traditional sense, and even though Hamas certainly didn't follow any "rules," given that they tortured, raped, and killed women and children, Biden suddenly began to call for restraint.

"Rules of war"

"And the one thing that I did say is that it is really important that Israel, with all the anger and frustration... that exists, is that they operate by the rules of war," Biden said, referencing his relationship and discussions with Netanyahu.

"And there are rules of war," the U.S. president added.

On Sunday, Biden flipped back to the narrative that Hamas -- labeled a "militant group" by the radical left-leaning outlet -- should be "eliminated," but added that he believes there should be a "path" to a Palestinian state.

Reuters noted:

U.S. President Joe Biden said on Sunday he believes the Hamas militant group must be eliminated but there should be a path to a Palestinian state, after top U.S. officials warned the war between Israel and Hamas could escalate.

"Path to a Palestinian state"

During a "60 Minutes" interview on Sunday, when asked if he believes the savage cowards of the Hamas terrorist group should be eliminated, he said "Yes, I do. But there needs to be a Palestinian authority. There needs to be a path to a Palestinian state."

Biden went on to send a stern warning to Israel, saying it would be a "mistake" to occupy the Gaza Strip after its military invasion.

Understandably, many were confused and upset with the president's latest narrative, which certainly crossed over into political territory, as the last thing he wants to do is upset his pro-Palestine base of support ahead of the 2024 election.

For its part, Israel has vowed to crush Hamas, and has already worked to provide warning and pathways for citizens of Gaza to get out ahead of an expected massive military incursion.

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