Biden vetoes resolution opposing new EPA rules on heavy-duty trucks

 June 15, 2023

President Joe Biden boasted in a tweet on Wednesday that he had blocked a Republican move aimed at overturning new rules on heavy-duty truck emissions. 

"Earlier, I vetoed a Republican resolution to repeal an EPA standard that will make our air cleaner and prevent thousands of premature deaths by limiting hazardous heavy-duty vehicle pollution," the president wrote on Tuesday.

Rule tightens restrictions on emissions from heavy-duty vehicles

Biden went on to declare that the resolution "would take us backwards in our fight against air pollution, so I'm blocking it."

According to the Washington Examiner, the resolution concerns new regulations put forward by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from heavy-duty vehicles.

While the rule took effect in March, it would only apply to new vehicle models beginning in 2027. Still, Republicans like Ohio Rep. Bill Johnson said the rules would be unworkable.

Critics say move will "burden American families" with higher costs

Specifically, Johnson contends that they will lead to increased costs for Americans who are already struggling with inflation.

"EPA's regulatory efforts are just the latest step by the Biden administration to electrify the transportation sector and burden American families in the process," Johnson was quoted as saying.

However, Democrats like Rep. Lloyd Doggett said the additional regulations were necessary to protect health and safety.

Resolution passed House in May and Senate in April

"For some reason, anytime we have a success that is green, it just makes them see red," the Texas congressman declared.

"Democrats are choosing to stand with families that are concerned about real health problems, like bronchitis, childhood asthma, and cardiovascular disease that is caused and accentuated by pollution," he insisted.

The Examiner noted that the resolution passed in the Senate in April and in the House of Representatives on May 23.

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