Biden visits Philly -- again -- to announce $750 million hydrogen energy award

 October 14, 2023

President Joe Biden likes Philly--remember, it's where he declared MAGA Republicans a threat to democracy on a blood-red background that drew Hitler comparisons.

On Friday, he was back for visit number 15 since his presidency began, and this time he had a really big check for the city to benefit from his green energy aspirations.

The city is getting $750 million from the administration for a new hydrogen network, one of seven across the country.

It makes sense, since Philadelphia is the sixth-largest city in the U.S., and 1.6 million people stand to benefit from the clean energy source.


Biden says the hydrogen energy network will create union jobs, make U.S. energy more secure, and get the U.S. closer to meeting its zero emissions goals.

He called it "transformational"--for a total of $7 billion, it definitely should be.

“I came to office determined to get this country up again,” Biden said, “so we could face the existential threat of climate and still grow. Today’s announcement is all part of a bigger vision to do just that.”

It is the largest such investment of its kind--largely because putting billions of dollars into green energy has been looked at as a bad return on investment until Biden took over.

“Today’s announcement is transformational,” Biden said. “I truly believe this country is about to take off. for the first time in a long time, we’re actually investing in America. In Americans, not just America.”

A second hub in western Pennsylvania

The hub will be spread over 17 sites in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and South Jersey, Biden said, adding, “This hub alone is going to produce 100,000 tons of hydrogen per year.”

Philadelphia Gas Works and the former Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery will be two of the sites used. At the same announcement, Biden said there would be another hub in western Pennsylvania using abandoned mines to make advanced batteries using hydrogen.

“The same communities that were once thriving coal mining and power plant towns will now be the center of our new clean energy economy,” he said.

The initiative will help to bring manufacturing back to the U.S., Biden pointed out.

It's also a clear attempt to turn around the lowest poll numbers of his administration, ease the frustrations of many Americans who see the economy going in the wrong direction, and who also see Biden largely as a failure to date.

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