Biden White House slammed for defending pullout from Afghanistan

 April 10, 2023

The White House was hit with sharp criticism last week after it released a report defending the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2021. 

According to the Washington Examiner, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby downplayed problems associated with the pullout when speaking with reporters this past Thursday.

Kirby claims that he "didn't see" chaos during withdrawal

"For all this talk of chaos, I didn't see it from my perch," Kirby said at a press conference, adding, "I just don't buy the whole argument of chaos."

His comments came despite the fact that 13 Americans were killed in a suicide bombing on August 26, 2011, making it one of the deadliest attacks on U.S. forces.

Those remarks did not go over well with Florida Republican Rep. Cory Mill, who served in both Iraq as well as Afghanistan.

"John Kirby described the withdrawal as not being chaotic at all. For those of us who’ve been over there and for the Americans that were left behind, that’s contrary to everything we saw," Mills told the Examiner in a statement.

Former Marine says Kirby's "loyalty is to protecting corrupt politicians in D.C."

Marine Corps veteran and mixed martial artist Chad Robichaux was also quick to voice outrage over what Kirby had said.

"One of the biggest lies in this week's brief is the presentation of John Kirby as a former admiral and military advisor. Kirby has had seven jobs since 2015: three were being a spokesman for Obama, three as a spokesman for Biden and a military and diplomatic analyst for CNN," Robichaux was quoted as saying.

"He is a long way from 1986 when he raised his hand in an oath to serve the American people. His loyalty is to protecting corrupt politicians in DC — not the people," the former Marine continued.

"It is no shocker when Biden or his clown show press secretaries lie, but to have a former US Navy Admiral do the same is a national tragedy," Robichaux  added.

Veteran says Biden administration has "no integrity, no fortitude"

Meanwhile, fellow former Marine Mark Geist lashed out too, slamming the Biden administration for displaying "a failure in leadership."

"For one to blame their mistakes and failures on someone else is a failure in leadership," he told Examiner. "It shows that you have no integrity, no fortitude.

"And to be the mouthpiece of that person or administration is a disgrace. He’s a failure to our military, military contractors, our Afghani Allies and our civilians serving in Afghanistan, in support of America’s mission for the last 20+ years," Geist complained.

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