Biden's attempts to fix a child's bike at a charity event failed

 December 13, 2022

President Joe Biden had several embarrassing moments at a recent charity event, including one moment where he tried but failed to put together a child's bike. 

The Daily Mail reports that the Toys for Tots event, which the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve sponsored, took place on Monday in Arlington, Virginia.

There, Biden gave some remarks, joking that the Marines are "giving Santa a run for his money."

"Unlike Santa, you don’t wear big red suits," Biden said. "You don’t travel the world in just one night. Instead, you wear dress blues and Army greens, and as Marines, soldiers, sailors, you stand watch around the world every single night."

Biden botches the fix

At one point during the event, Biden helped to put toys into different boxes. And, it was during this time that Biden noticed that the handlebars had been separated from the frame of a child's bike.

Biden proceeded to pick up the handlebars and attempt to slot them back into the tube framing. But, try as he might, he just couldn't get the pole in the tube.

Noticing the president's struggles, a Marine and a child came to the president's aid, fixing the bike, which left Biden grinning.

Biden mounts child-sized bike

Biden, in fact, seemed to have somewhat of an obsession with bikes at the event.

The New York Post reports that Biden tried to ride several of them. The only thing is that the bikes were child-sized. That's right, the 6-foot tall, 80-year-old Biden felt the need to attempt to mount child-sized bikes.

For many, it brought to mind the incident that occurred back in June, during one of Biden's many, many trips back home to Delaware.

The reader may remember that, after his bike ride, Biden actually fell off the bike while attempting to dismount it. Officials blamed it on the president getting "his foot . . . caught on the peal while dismounting," and they claimed that Biden was "fine."

Biden gets directed off-stage by a young girl

One other incident that took place during Monday's event occurred at the end of Biden's speech.

After finishing, a puzzled Biden looked around - as he often does - and asked "which way do we go." A young girl went up to Biden, took his hand, and proceeded to lead him in the proper direction.

As Fox News reports, "Biden turned 80 in November and often struggles with stage direction after he speaks." At least the young girl was there this time to help the world leader find his way.

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