Biden's debate strategy leaked by campaign adviser

 May 25, 2024

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden and his campaign agreed to show up for two debates with former President Donald Trump. 

Many are still skeptical that Biden will even make the first debate, with some believing the White House will inevitably come up with some excuse to get him out of what will undoubtedly be an optics bloodbath for the elderly, confused president.

But according to the Washington Examiner, the Biden campaign is already leaking its strategy for the first debate.

A memo released by the campaign claims Biden "will hold Donald Trump accountable" during the first debate.

What's happening?

The first debate will take place in Atlanta on June 27, and it will be televised by CNN.

Campaign Chairwoman Jen O’Malley Dillon’s “The Road to Atlanta” memo was leaked in recent days and shed light on how Biden plans to take on Trump on the debate stage in Atlanta.

"In the month leading up to that first debate, the Biden-Harris campaign will zero in on Trump’s dangerous campaign promises and unhinged rhetoric," O’Malley Dillon wrote. "We will make sure that the voters who will decide this election are reminded of the chaos and harm Trump caused as president – and why they booted him out four years ago."

The Biden campaign will focus on several subjects, including abortion.

"Trump and his lagging campaign will be left to explain to voters why he embraces political violence, brags about abortion bans, threatens to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut Social Security and Medicare, and puts greedy corporations and himself over American workers again and again," the memo continued.

Falling numbers

Many believe Biden reluctantly agreed to the debates due to his falling polling numbers and his overall weak appearance on the campaign trail and in the White House.

Biden trails Trump in most of the crucial swing states, and polls far lower than he did at the same time as he did during his 2020 campaign.

Notably, the Bided administration turned down a third debate invitation that would have been hosted by NBC/Telemundo.

It'll be interesting to see how badly Biden bombs at the first debate, if he even shows up.

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