Biden's dog attacked White House groundskeeper: Report

 October 4, 2023

The White House's dutiful groundskeeper was bit by Joe Biden's dog Commander. 

Dale Haney, who has worked at the White House for half a century, was bit in the arm while playing with Biden's German Shepherd, the Daily Mail reported.

The naughty pup has been in the news for a series of attacks on Secret Service agents, one of whom was hospitalized.

Biden's pup bites - again

The White House has failed to back up its agents, instead blaming the "stressful environment" on White House grounds.

Following a recent 11th attack on Secret Service, a report in Politico included a new excuse: Secret Service agents are provoking Commander with their body language.

Current and former staffers told the outlet that they have never had any problems with the dog, and they suspect he has an "appetite" for the president's bodyguards.

“The White House is just a crazy environment for a dog,” said a former White House official. “There are enormous men with guns acting suspiciously hostile everywhere.”

But it appears that Commander is more indiscriminate about picking targets than Biden's aides want to admit.

On September 13, a tourist snapped a shocking photograph of Commander biting 71-year-old Dale Haney in the arm. Haney has been tending the White House grounds - and walking presidential pets - since the Nixon presidency.

"I only realized he had actually bitten the groundskeeper who was out there with him later when I saw the picture with his teeth quite clearly round the man's wrist and arm," the tourist said.

Blame game

Biden replaced his old dog, Major, after similar biting problems. But he has been slow to resolve Commander's behavior.

Following the latest attack on Secret Service, a spokeswoman for Jill Biden blamed the "often unpredictable nature of the White House grounds."

“The President and First Lady are incredibly grateful to the Secret Service and Executive Residence staff for all they do to keep them, their family, and the country safe,” she continued.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained e-mails detailing 10 previous attacks from October 2022 to January 2023.

One officer was sent to the hospital after Commander bit the officer in the arm and thigh. The officer was forced to use a steel cart to shield themselves from a second attack.

Later, another agent commiserated with the victim over e-mail.

“What a joke … if it wasn’t their dog he would already have been put down – freaking clown needs a muzzle," the agent wrote.

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