Biden's name misses NH ballot, Democrats pushing write-in campaign instead

October 31, 2023

Democrats in New Hampshire are pushing a write-in campaign for President Joe Biden after he skipped registering for the state's ballot deadline on Friday.

The move was made in an effort to support the party's work to replace the first state on the primary calendar with South Carolina.

The concern

"New Hampshire will tentatively conduct its Democrat primary on January 23, 2024, the month before the DNC’s new calendar has the South Carolina presidential primary scheduled for February 3," Breitbart News reported.

“Biden must comply with the state party’s rules. As a result, there will be 21 names on the Democrat ballot in the Granite State, but Joe Biden will not be among them. That is why supporters of Joe Biden launched an effort to have voters write in his name," it added.

The explanation

"For decades, national political parties and other states have repeatedly tried to move New Hampshire’s First-in-the-Nation Presidential Primary to limit the independent-minded nature of New Hampshire voters and attempt to replace our primary with other states," the website promoting Biden's write-in campaign states.

"While misguided DNC rules will leave Joe Biden off the primary ballot here in 2024, New Hampshire Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents overwhelmingly support Joe Biden and plan to write him in," it continued.

Now what?

"Volunteers listed as helping with the effort include New Hampshire Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy and House Democratic Leader Matt Wilhelm," USA Today reported.

"Neither the Biden campaign nor the New Hampshire Democratic Party can be involved in the effort without facing delegate penalties from the national party," it noted.

The situation could lead to Biden losing the state, especially with Rep. Dean Phillips (MN) now on the ballot in the state.

Phillips did not make the ballot deadline for Nevada, another early state, but does expect to compete in South Carolina and other states in a longshot effort to primary the president.

Biden and Democrats look unorganized in the New Hampshire situation, a problem Democrats do not need in a close race in 2024.

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