Biden's policies are hurting both Americans and himself

 October 22, 2023

The New York Post's editorial board has just published a piece arguing that Joe Biden's war on oil and reckless economic policies have imperiled national security. 

Later on, we'll consider how Biden's policies are also hurting himself as we move closer to the 2024 presidential election.

The current situation

The Post's editorial board, in its piece, explains to the reader the situation that America finds itself in, under Biden's leadership, with regard to energy.

The board begins by highlighting the fact that America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is at 351 barrels, which is the lowest that it has been in 40 years. The board notes that, should an emergency occur in which America would need to rely on the SPR, the 351 barrels would only last for about 17 days.

This is particularly problematic, the board explains, because America does not have a secure source of oil. The board writes:

The Middle East may erupt any day, threatening oil exports from the region; Russian oil remains banned as its war in Ukraine rages on. Yet Biden’s done everything in his power to halt domestic oil production, to please the Green extreme.

This, the board notes, is why oil and gas prices have skyrocketed here in America.

The national security threat

The board goes on to explain why this particular combination - a depleted SPR with no secure source of oil and gas - is a particularly problematic one, one that can pose a serious threat to national security.

"Draining the SPR has now left the nation dangerously short at a time when it well may be needed. And get this: While Biden was spending down America’s oil nest egg and curbing production, Iran rushed to fill the gap by boosting its own output," the board writes.

It continues, "That — and lax sanctions enforcement by Team Biden — has let the mullahs add $40 billion to their global currency reserves, Unleash Prosperity reports. Money that can be used to buy missiles and fund Hamas, Hezbollah, and Tehran’s other proxies."

The board goes on to note that Biden has eased oil and gas sanctions on Venezuela to help with the situation, but, to do so, the board highlights the fact that Biden has had to essentially open up the U.S.-Mexico border for asylum-seekers.

Suffice it to say that none of this is good news for America's national security.

Biden's policies are not just bad for America . . .

They are also bad for Biden.

As the president gears up for reelection in 2024, he is losing ground in poll after poll. His approval rating is near a record low, and the majority of Americans are unhappy with Biden's handling of most issues.

It is hard to argue against the fact that America has taken a serious turn for the worse under Biden's leadership, and Americans and Biden are paying the price.

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