Biden's Thanksgiving vacation on Nantucket disrupted by anti-Israel protesters

November 26, 2023

There is a portion of the Democratic Party's far-left progressive base that stands staunchly opposed to Israel and in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza -- and by extension, the Hamas terrorists that govern them -- and they haven't been shy about making that position known publicly.

President Joe Biden got to see that firsthand on Friday as anti-Israel protesters loudly disrupted his activities while enjoying his nearly week-long Thanksgiving holiday vacation on Nantucket Island, according to the Nantucket Current.

The protesters verbally accosted Biden and others with calls for an immediate "ceasefire" in the Israel-Hamas conflict while he walked to lunch and later accused the president of supporting "genocide" during the island's annual Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

Biden targeted by anti-Israel protesters

On Friday afternoon, as President Biden and the first lady walked around downtown Nantucket on their way to lunch there were a handful of protesters demanding a "ceasefire" and "Free Palestine" who were mixed in among supporters and onlookers.

A more organized group of protesters showed up later in the evening for the tree-lighting ceremony on Main Street bearing large banners and signs with similar messages to what was heard earlier in the day.

Those protesters loudly chanted, "Biden, Biden, you can't hide, we charge you with genocide," even as an event organizer could be heard unsuccessfully attempting to quiet the group by saying "We respect your right to free speech" but also reminding them that "this is not a political event" and other ignored pleas.

Protester explains reason for disruption

One of those protesters -- an artist and professor who used to live on Nantucket but now resides and works in Brooklyn, New York -- told the Current, "Nantucket’s annual tree lighting ceremony is supposed to be a celebration of peace, family, and a spirit of togetherness. We decided to confront Biden to remind the President that for Palestinians, there is no peace within the everyday violence of an apartheid state."

"As Nantucketers, we want to make it clear that there is nothing to celebrate, nothing to be thankful for, while 12,000 Palestinians, many entire families, have lost their lives to Israeli air strikes," the unnamed protester added. "It is time for President Biden to get on the right side of history and call for a permanent ceasefire and an end to the siege on Gaza and the apartheid state."

President Biden has not bowed to the demands of the far-left elements of his Democratic base in calling for an immediate ceasefire but has instead supported brief and temporary "humanitarian" pauses in the fighting, including a temporary agreement currently in place in which Hamas has released some of the hostages it seized on Oct. 7 in exchange for the release of some Palestinian criminals and terrorists from Israeli prisons along with the delivery of aid and supplies into Gaza.

Biden supports temporary ceasefire; hostage release and humanitarian aid; two-state solution for Israel and Palestinians

In remarks delivered Friday afternoon, President Biden said, "Beginning this morning, under a deal reached by extensive U.S. diplomacy, including numerous calls I’ve made from the Oval Office to leaders across the region, fighting in Gaza will halt for four days."

"I have consistently pressed for a pause in the fighting for two reasons: to accelerate and expand the humanitarian assistance going into Gaza and, two, to facilitate the release of hostages," he noted a few moments later.

"We also look to the future. As we look to the future, we have to end this cycle of violence in the Middle East. We need to renew our resolve to pursue this two-state solution where Israelis and Palestinians can one day live side by side in a two-state solution with equal measure of freedom and dignity," Biden added later. "Two states for two peoples. And it’s more important now than ever. Hamas unleashed this terrorist attack because they fear nothing more than Israelis and Palestinians living side by side in peace."

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