Big Mac video highlights discontent with Joe Biden's record on inflation

November 29, 2023

A recent Financial Times poll found that almost half of Americans say President Joe Biden’s policies have hurt the economy while another 21% think they haven't done much to help.

An example of why those allegations resonate with the public has come in the form of a viral social media video. 

$16 price tag for McDonald's meal is raising eyebrows

According to the Washington Examiner, Tik Tok user Christopher Olive recorded the receipt he received at a McDonald's in Idaho. 

"So, I understand there's a labor shortage, wage increases, and a number of other factors," Olive can be heard saying in the video. "But $16? Sixteen dollars for a burger, a large fry, and a drink? It's just crazy!"

The Examiner pointed out that Idaho is not the only place where McDonald's customers are seeing an upswing in prices.

It stated that a Big Mac combo meal "can run as high as $18 in Connecticut" while those in New York City's Times Square can expect to shell out $13.69.

Democratic voters say they are feeling the economic heat

Discontent over the president's handling of the economy isn't just limited to Republicans, a fact that New York Times contributor Lydia DePillis noted in an article published earlier this week.

She pointed to Oscar Nuñez, a 27-year-old restaurant server who works in Las Vegas and cast a ballot for Biden three years ago. 

Nuñez indicated that he would like to start his own business but stressed and his wife's efforts at saving money have been stymied by the rising cost of living. 

While Nuñez indicated that he will likely vote for Biden again, it is only out of concern that Trump will "do something that’s real dangerous at some point."

Analyst warns that some former Biden voters may stay home next year

"I’d prefer another option, but it seems like it will once again be my only option again,” Nuñez was quoted as telling DePillis. 

Joshua Doss works as an analyst at the public opinion research firm HIT Strategies, and he suggested that voters like Nuñez give the Biden campaign reason to worry.

"I think the likelihood that they would choose Trump is not the threat," Doss said. "The threat is that they would choose the couch and stay home, and enough of them would stay home for an electoral college win for Trump."

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