Bill Clinton to join Biden, Obama at fundraiser: Report

 January 29, 2024

Democrats are getting the band back together as clouds of doubt and fear gather over Joe Biden's re-election bid.

President Bill Clinton is being exhumed from the graveyard of American politics for an upcoming fundraiser with Biden, who will also be joined by Barack Obama. 

The fundraiser is planned for March or April, NBC reported.

Clinton wades into 2024

The show of force from Democratic presidents past and present is a reflection of the urgency that Democrats feel about defeating Donald Trump, and their fear that Biden isn't up to the task.

77-year-old Clinton is a few years younger than Biden, who is less popular than either Obama or Clinton were at this point in their presidencies.

"There is real focus and urgency around making sure we beat Trump,” a Biden adviser said. “Everyone is all in. And this kind of event early on is just the latest demonstration of that.”

It's no surprise that Biden is leaning on Obama, a political star who retains a cult figure status among the party's voters, but Clinton comes with significant baggage.

This month, the former president was in the headlines over his ties to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Newly unsealed documents mentioned Clinton's name 73 times, although there were no allegations of criminal conduct against the former president.

Biden getting desperate...

Obama and Clinton are both "lightning rods" who could repel support from moderate Republicans who might be inclined to pick Biden over Trump, the NBC report noted.

But Democrats are desperate to gin up some enthusiasm from their base, which has begun to splinter as Biden's disastrous presidency enters its fourth year.

Biden's pitch on his economic record is falling flat with voters who continue to struggle with sky-high inflation, and widespread doubts about his age are casting a cloud over his campaign.

His wife Jill has been an unusually active campaigner for a First Lady, a reflection of the president's diminished abilities. But Biden's team says the country will be seeing a lot more of him very soon.

“It’s going to be very aggressive,” a White House official said of Biden's schedule.

Bill's wife, Hillary Clinton, will also play a major role as a surrogate for Biden down the line, despite her own humiliating loss to Trump in 2016.

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