Bill Maher: Dem and GOP Voters both want their 2024 candidate to die

 May 19, 2024

Bill Maher may be a liberal, but conservatives are often able to tolerate him because he seems to be a little bit more common-sense about issues instead of sticking to liberal talking points when they are incorrect. Regardless of political affiliation, you're going to want to hear what The Daily Mail is claiming Maher had to say about Election Day 2024.

The "only thing Dem and GOP voters have in common is that they both secretly want their 2024 candidate to die."

Oh, and one more thing:

"Biden, 81, walks like toddler with a full diaper."

Bill Maher has been mocked by fellow liberals for criticizing Joe Biden's unbalanced gait in the past, but Maher isn't backing down. He may be a liberal, but he's not willing to ignore the fact that Biden is doing significant damage to our country just because it's politically incorrect to insult the elderly.

Maher has been critical of both Trump and Biden lately, but really doubled down against Joe in a recent interview with the New York Times where he demanded Biden accept that he walks "like a toddler with a full diaper."

Biden's team seems to be acknowledging that the president is having problems walking properly, and they've had to take quite a few unique steps to make sure living his daily life is still safe for our elderly president. Some measures they've taken are requiring Joe Biden to wear grippy sneakers instead of dress shoes, making Joe use shorter steps on Air Force One, and surrounding him with protective staff at all times.

It doesn't matter what party you typically vote for, Maher has a point:

Are these two really the best we can do?

Donald Trump isn't exactly a beacon of physical fitness, either.

His health reports are regularly fudged to show him just under the obesity line, and Trump suffered an embarrassing gaffe at the Minnesota Republican Party's annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in St. Paul. There, he pulled off a move normally reserved for Joe Biden, and stumbled up at the podium while giving a speech.

As of right now, whichever candidate we vote for in November is going to set the record as America's oldest active president.

These guys are going to be in their mid-eighties, making decisions that will impact Americans for generations to come.

Are two candidates who were born back in the WW2 era really the people we want making decisions for our future?

Bill Maher doesn't think so.

He thinks that both parties "secretly want their 2024 candidate to die." Even if that isn't what America actually wants, we might get it anyway, given the advanced age of our options.

Do you think that the candidates we have are fine right now? Or should either party be seriously considering replacing their man with some younger blood?

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