Bill Maher destroys concept of 'wokeness' during CNN interview

 March 3, 2023

Democrats have gone so far left in the past eight years or so (since Donald Trump entered Republican politics) that even some of the left's biggest names outside of Capitol Hill, such as comedian Bill Maher, are growing sick and tired. 

According to MRC NewsBusters, Maher recently lashed out at the people in the Democratic Party who have taken the "woke" nonsense way too far.

Maher revealed many of his true feelings about the current state of the party during and interview with CNN host Jake Tapper on CNN Primetime.

The interview seemed in some ways to backfire on Tapper, who looked a little surprised at times regarding how passionately sick and tired Maher is of the left's antics.

Identity politics

Tapper was first taken aback when he thought he would receive an agreeable answer from Maher on his take on identity politics.

"So you talk about the Democrats being so hemmed in by identity politics. The counterargument would be it's always been identity politics. It's just always been white people, so people like you and me didn't notice," Tapper explained.

He added: "And now it's just an effort at inclusion, which I'm sure theoretically you support."

"Yeah. I support it in fact," Maher responded before going on to slam the concept of wokeness. "The Democrats sometimes can take it too far. I would categorize liberal as different than woke."

"You know, woke, which started out as a good thing, alert to injustice, who could be against that, but it became sort of an eye roll because they love diversity except of ideas."

Destroying wokeness

Maher, not known for having a filter, proceeded to tear down the entire foundation of the woke movement.

“I mean, five years ago, Abraham Lincoln was not a controversial figure among liberals. We liked him,” Maher said. “Now they take his name off schools and tear down his statues. Really, Lincoln isn't good enough for you?”

Maher tackled critics, of which there are many, on the left who claim he's turned "conservative" simply because he won't go along with their asinine narratives.

"You change the definitions and then you say I'm more conservative? I believe what I've always believed. You change these things and then you yell at me for it," Maher snapped back.

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