Bizarre video clip shows president nibbling on small child

 July 15, 2023

President Joe Biden has become notorious for his increasingly strange behavior, with another example appearing on Thursday in the form of a viral video clip.

Prior to boarding Air Force One at Finland's Helsinki-Vantaan International Airport, Biden was shown nibbling on a small child.

Political strategist: "This has got to be Biden's creepiest moment yet with a child"

Fox News noted how the little girl "appeared frightened during the experience" and "later turned her head when Biden, who will turn 81 in November, tried to give her a peck on the head."

The president's conduct immediately raised eyebrows among his critics, including political strategist Caleb Hull, who tweeted, "This has got to be Biden's creepiest moment yet with a child."

In a subsequent tweet, the conservative operative pointed out how all the president "has to do is not do this and he can't."

Comedian: "Keep your kids away from Joe Biden"

Fox News noted that Hull wasn't alone in shaking his head over the incident, as political comedian Tim Young was taken aback as well, tweeting, "Biden is creepy AF."

"Why would anyone put their mouth on another person's child like this?" Young demanded, adding, "This is peak, disgusting pedo behavior."

The comic later issued advice to parents regarding the president, warning them to "keep your kids away from Joe Biden."

Biden mixed up Russia and Ukraine while giving speech at NATO event

Meanwhile, State Freedom Caucus Network communications director Greg Price jokingly said the president's "dementia has gotten so bad that he’s now confusing babies with ice cream cones."

Biden's bizarre child nibbling wasn't the only thing that stood out about his visit, as Fox News observed that at one point during his trip he also mixed up Ukraine and Russia while giving a speech.

"Russia could end this war tomorrow by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine and recognizing its international borders and ceasing its attacks — its inhumane attacks — on Russia – I mean by Russia on Ukraine," the network quoted him as saying.

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