Blake Moore Becomes Speaker Johnson's "Behind-The-Scenes" Successor

 November 9, 2023

America's House Republican Conference elected Representative Blake Moore, a Republican from Utah, to be its next vice chairman.

He is replacing Mike Johnson.

Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, vacated the position when he became America's Speaker of the House.

Speaker Johnson certainly had an interesting road to the gavel, a position that was held by Kevin McCarthy not too long ago.

Unfortunately for McCarthy, a Republican from California, he was ousted.

As a result, Republicans had to pick a new Speaker of the House.

For a while, they couldn't do it.

Democrats must have loved watching a circus unfold in front of them, with Republicans making themselves look like bozos to the rest of the nation.

Finally though, that seems to be over, and we seem to be heading for at least some sort of sustained period of normalcy when it comes to consistency in regards to who our leaders are in the House of Representatives.

Mike Johnson seems to be in a pretty solid place to carry the gavel for the foreseeable future, and that means that somebody needed to replace Johnson as the vice chairman in the house.

It would appear as though a decision has been made.

Blake Moore is the man for the job.

It's impressive, considering that Moore had never even been elected until a full year after Donald Trump had left the White House. Johnson, just 43 at this point, has already risen to the rank of leadership in the House of Representatives.

That's no easy feat.

Neither is the job he's taking on, which often requires long hours, a lot of behind-the-scenes work, and garners relatively little fame.

This is definitely a working man's role, and it seems to be one that Moore might be the perfect person for.

Blake said he'll bring a "big, strong, optimistic, conservative message that can win the future."

"I was not elected in a New York district or a Tennessee district. So it's irrelevant how I communicate to my district. But having them be able to take all the tools, and we want to just focus on empowering other members," Moore said.

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