Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass fired in wake of supporting conservative boycotts

 June 10, 2023

Just when you think corporate woke-think couldn't possibly get any more ridiculous, one Major League Baseball team just proved that it most certainly can. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass was kicked from the roster for sharing videos earlier this year supporting both the conservative Bud Light and Target boycotts.

Bass apologized for sharing the videos, but that didn't seem to matter after he was "designated for assignment," which means he's off the team's roster.

The videos he shared focused on emphasizing why Christians should support such boycotts.

"Desinated for assignment"

The Blue Jays' Twitter account broke the news of Bass' ouster, tweeted the day's roster changes.

It was noted that "designated for assignment" is a term used in the MLB to signal that a player had been immediately removed from a team's roster.

The Examiner noted:

Bass's removal comes shortly after it was announced that he would be the catcher for the ceremonial first pitch on Friday night when the Blue Jays play against the Minnesota Twins. Bass would have received the pitch from leZlie Lee Kam, a prominent LGBT activist, according to the Toronto Sun.

The player's apology video was posted on May 30.

Social media reacts

The shocking news slammed the sports world, drawing both criticism and praise that Bass would be let go over his perceived controversial video posts.

"This is what a coward looks like. Mean what you say and stand behind it even when people have a problem with it," one Twitter user wrote.

Some have suggested that the Blue Jays should be boycotted over the move. With the success of recent boycotts led by conservatives, the team's front office might want to take that into consideration.

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