Bodycam footage released of illegal migrants attacking NYPD officers

February 12, 2024

Two NYPD officers were assaulted last month in Times Square, and some of the 11 suspects will finally face justice.

According to CBS News, police bodycam footage was released last week that showed the suspects in the vicious beating of the two NYPD officers.

According to authorities, in total, some 11 suspects were involved in the attack, and after extreme public backlash after several of them were initially released without charges, DA Alvin Bragg's office finally issued indictments for seven of the 11 suspects.

All of the suspects involved in the brazen attack are illegal migrants.

The footage

Footage of the attack was finally released to the public last week and it shows a large group of illegal migrants going back and forth with two NYPD officers in Time's Square.

CBS News noted:

Around 8:30 p.m. Jan. 27, body camera video shows asylum seekers talking back to police who are telling them to stop blocking the sidewalk on West 42nd Street. Eventually, an officer has 24-year-old Yohenry Brito against a wall. Bragg said Brito was refusing to comply, which eventually led to the group assault on the two cops.

DA Alvin Bragg released a statement regarding the charges, and defended his actions of letting some of the suspects go initially.

"This assault, as it did to many of you, sickened me and outraged me. We all rely on our members of the NYPD, as I said, to keep us safe and keep this the safest big city in America," Bragg said.

He added, "As a lifelong New Yorker, I do not tolerate attacks on our police officers, and certainly I do not as Manhattan district attorney. So, let me be clear, plain and simple. The behavior depicted that of you have seen is despicable."

Bragg initially didn't ask for bail for the suspects that were apprehended, a decision he defended in his statement.

"The level of review was meticulous, because it must be," Bragg said. "We have to ensure that we identified and charged those individuals who actually criminal acts in this matter," Bragg said.

Social media backlash

Many social media users reacted negatively to the news, noting that not only did Bragg only push for the charges after public outrage, but that the violent illegal migrants wouldn't be here if it weren't for President Joe Biden's ridiculously lax border policies.

"These illegals would’ve never been in the US if not for Biden and the Democrats. These illegals would’ve never been able to escape if not for DA Alvin Bragg releasing them without bail. Democrat leadership ruins everything," one X user wrote.

At least two of the suspects are still missing. Hopefully they're all charged and made examples of, or else this will continue to happen on America's streets.

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