'Border czar' Kamala Harris blames Congress for border situation, calls post-Title 42 conditions 'smooth'

 May 18, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris downplayed the situation at the U.S. southern border after a fundraising event in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb on Friday, saying that things have been "smooth" since the end of Title 42 and blaming Congress for the state of immigration.

Harris did not mention immigration during her 20-minute remarks at the spring soiree in Buckhead, but was asked to respond to a Republican party statement that included mention of immigration by a local reporter after the event.

The statement said it was "deplorable that the Vice President is coming to Atlanta for a fundraiser campaigning while the border crisis is overflowing and we have out-of-control inflation."

"You know, I hear that everything in the last couple days is going rather smoothly, given what the concerns were," Harris said. "The bottom line, however, is that this issue of immigration falls squarely within the responsibility of the United States Congress."

The blame game

Harris's comments echoed those of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas last week, signaling a shift in Democrat party talking points toward blaming Congress even though Biden used executive orders to create the current conditions on his first day in office.

Mayorkas said on Face the Nation, "Everything that the Department of Homeland Security is doing, everything that our partners across the federal government are doing is within a broken immigration system. The president passed to Congress a proposal to fix our broken immigration system on the first day in office."

Given that Biden's only goal is to create millions of new Democrat voters that would ensure Republicans could never win a presidential race or have congressional majorities again, his proposal to Congress was rejected.

Biden named Harris "border czar" shortly after taking office, but she has never wanted to look responsible for the deteriorating conditions there.

Instead, she has stayed on the fringes of the issue and claimed to address "root causes" of immigration like poverty in Central and Latin America that Democrats claim drives migrants to attempt illegal border crossings or seek asylum in hugely inflated numbers.

Enforce the law

All the Biden administration has to do is let DHS and ICE enforce our current immigration laws and finish the border wall, and the massive flow of migrants will be stopped.

Former President Donald Trump was well on his way to doing so when Biden took office, instantly reversed all of his executive orders, and stopped construction of the border wall.

Blaming Congress is a neat trick, and it effectively delays any solutions because Congress is divided and won't be able to agree on anything meaningful for the next year and a half.

Hopefully, the American people don't fall for the trick, but decide that enough is enough with Biden's poor policies and throw the bums out before it's too late.

A disciplined Republican could still fix this mess, but every day it gets harder and harder to deal with the influx and return to the rule of law at the border.

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Thomas Jefferson
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