Border Patrol officer under investigation after claims of exposing himself to popular YouTuber

 February 2, 2024

A federal investigation has been initiated following an incident at the southern border in California, where a US Border Patrol agent allegedly exposed himself to a YouTuber and a porn star.

The incident occurred at the border crossing in Jacumba Hot Springs, California, and was recorded by social media star Danny Mullen, who shared the video on Tuesday.

The allegations

Mullen was accompanied by porn star Holly Day and former Bachelorette contestant Leandro Dottavio.

In the video, the trio is approached by a Border Patrol jeep, and the agent directs his attention towards Day, making inappropriate comments.

The agent proceeds to show an explicit photo on his phone, leading to an investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

The US Border Patrol emphasized that they do not tolerate misconduct within their ranks and promptly investigate any alleged or potential misconduct, whether on or off duty.

Border Patrol responds

A spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council confirmed the agent's affiliation with the force.

The video captures the agent's inappropriate behavior, including revealing himself to Day, displaying explicit content, and kissing her on the lips despite claiming to be married. Mullen describes the agent's actions as a "degenerate display of American law enforcement."

In an interview, Mullen affirmed the agent's legitimacy and stated that the incident occurred while they were creating YouTube content to learn more about the border crisis.

"We do not tolerate misconduct within our ranks. When we discover any alleged or potential misconduct, we immediately refer it for investigation and fully cooperate with any criminal or administrative investigations," the Border Patrol spokesperson said.

"This is regardless of whether the alleged misconduct occurs on or off duty," he added.

Past problems

This incident adds to the controversy surrounding Mullen, who faced backlash in 2021 for a video with offensive remarks about women.

In September 2023, Mullen was arrested in Tennessee for allegedly attempting to perform a dental procedure on a woman inside a clinic while recording a YouTube video about the opioid crisis in Appalachia.

The latest incident raises concerns about the behavior of Border Patrol officers and the need for thorough investigations into allegations of misconduct following the horrifying allegations.

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