Border Patrol union dismisses Biden's 'self-serving' trip to the border

 February 28, 2024

The head of the Border Patrol union dismissed Joe Biden's trip to the southern border Thursday as nothing but a photo opportunity, as Biden faces mounting pressure to address the massive flood of migrants pouring into the country.

Border Patrol union president Brandon Judd told Fox News that Biden's trip is a "self-serving" move to salvage his re-election.

Border patrol union calls Biden out

Judd called Biden's action "too little, too late" and warned that Biden would likely revert to an "open border" during a second term.

“But even if he were to put the proper policies in place at this late hour, he’d be doing it only to try to save his Presidency. And self-serving actions when time is winding down should always give Americans pause," Judd said.

"Common sense dictates that as a lame duck, he’d revert to his open border policies if re-elected,” Judd continued.

The border crisis has become a top threat to Biden's re-election, and one that many would call self-inflicted.

On day one of his presidency, Biden moved swiftly to undo Donald Trump's tough asylum and border policies.

Over the past three years, there has been a historic influx of illegal immigrants that Biden was, until recently, pleased to ignore. Until Thursday, Biden had visited the border only once, in early 2023.

Biden's sudden pivot

Biden has recently shifted approaches, casting the crisis as a long-established problem caused by a "broken system."

He has vowed to blame Republicans for the failure of an immigration bill that Biden said would let him "shut down" the border.

But Republicans say Biden caused the problem and has the power to fix it without additional legislation. Biden is reportedly weighing executive action to address the crisis after the immigration bill failed.A series of headlines about shocking crimes by migrants, including the murder of a nursing student in Georgia, have added pressure on Biden to act.

Trump also planned to visit the border on Thursday, reflecting Biden's determination to flip the narrative on immigration and somehow leave his predecessor with the blame for the ongoing crisis.

The White House set a divisive tone ahead of Biden's trip, which the administration said would serve to pressure Republicans to "stop playing politics."

“He will reiterate his calls for Congressional Republicans to stop playing politics and to provide the funding needed for additional U.S. Border Patrol agents, more asylum officers, fentanyl detection technology and more," the administration said.

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