DA Bragg accused by Fox News analyst of having 'obstructed justice' and violated Trump's due process rights

 May 26, 2024

Former President Donald Trump's New York criminal trial is expected to draw near its end next week with closing arguments followed by jury deliberations and, presumably, a final verdict.

In the analysis of one Fox News legal expert, Greg Jarrett, one party to the proceedings has already proven that they are guilty of criminal conduct -- Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, according to Newsweek.

Jarrett made his arguments for Bragg's alleged violations of laws and constitutional rights during a Friday appearance on "Hannity" as well as in an op-ed published earlier in the week.

Bragg accused of violating laws and Trump's rights

On Friday's edition of "Hannity," Fox News legal analyst Jarrett spoke with guest host Jason Chaffetz about the ongoing "sham case" in New York and asserted that he'd "never seen such a shameful abuse of the legal system" throughout his 40+ years in the legal profession.

"Alvin Bragg and Judge [Juan] Merchan worked in tandem as co-prosecutors," Jarrett said at one point of the apparent cooperative effort against former President Trump by the district attorney and the trial's presiding judge -- a reiteration of a prior argument he's raised about the overtly one-sided nature of a majority of the judge's rulings on pre-trial motions and objections.

According to Jarrett, DA Bragg "obstructed justice, concealed exculpatory evidence to the grand jury, manufactured this laughable indictment, and then suborned perjury at the trial -- they knew Cohen would lie, they wanted him to lie."

The case is centered on Bragg's allegations that Trump falsified business records to conceal his alleged violation of some unspecified other crime as part of a series of 2017 reimbursement payments to then-personal attorney Michael Cohen for Cohen's "hush money" payment ahead of the 2016 election to porn actress Stormy Daniels to silence her allegations of a sexual affair with then-businessman Trump in 2006.

Cohen, the prosecution's star witness, is a disgraced and disbarred former attorney with multiple prior convictions, including for perjury before Congress and federal prosecutors, was caught lying on the stand by defense attorneys during cross-examination.

"Bragg’s absurd case made a mockery of our legal system"

Just days earlier, Jarrett published an op-ed in which he argued that the Manhattan prosecution's case against former President Trump had "reasonable doubt written all over it," though he acknowledged that the jury's ultimate verdict was "unknowable" because of the "antics" of DA Bragg and Judge Merchan.

"District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s absurd case made a mockery of our legal system. Judge Juan Merchan compounded the injustice by dismantling the principles of due process that every defendant deserves," he wrote. "His rulings from the bench consistently favored the prosecution and foreclosed Trump’s lawyers from presenting a bona fide defense that would be permitted in any other courtroom."

"Working in tandem, Bragg and Merchan proved they have little respect for the rule of law or the rights of the accused," Jarrett continued. "This is not an impartial tribunal. It’s an Orwellian show trial with a preordained outcome. There’s no presumption of innocence, only the expectation of guilt."

"This case has reasonable doubt written all over it. But the jury has been fed a litany of lies and deceptions by District Attorney Alvin Bragg that were endorsed by presiding Judge Juan Merchan. Together, they have trampled on the rights of the accused through the tyranny of mendacity and unchecked power," he concluded.

Bragg called out for numerous missteps in Trump case

Even The Washington Post, albeit without the hyperbolic rhetoric of the admittedly pro-Trump Jarrett, appeared to call out DA Bragg for his "tortured" theory of alleged criminality by former President Trump that federal prosecutors previously rejected as an unwinnable case, for his use of an inexperienced federal prosecutor to lead the case, his reliance on the "untrustworthy" Cohen, and his apparent failure to properly prepare the star witness for the brutal cross-examination he endured.

If Bragg ever faces any consequences for the questionable way he's handled this unprecedented and incredibly dubious prosecution of the former president on trumped-up charges remains to be seen, but his overt partisan biases and motivations and apparent willingness to skirt due process and the rights of the accused have at least been exposed for all to see.

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