Bragg tries to hide evidence from Trump

 April 28, 2023

The New York Times reports that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is trying to "limit" former President Donald Trump's access to some of the evidence that Bragg has against Trump. 

Bragg is the district attorney who has gained notoriety by indicting Trump on 34 felony criminal charges. The charges relate to the so-called hush-money payment that Trump once made, via his former attorney - Michael Cohen - to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Legal experts, based on what they have seen so far from Bragg, have raised serious doubts about the legitimacy of Bragg's case against Trump.

Trump maintains that he has done nothing wrong and that the real impetus behind Bragg's indictment is political - that Bragg is using the dubious charges as a ploy to interfere with Trump's 2024 presidential campaign.

The latest

Now, Bragg is trying to place restrictions on Trump's ability to view the evidence that Bragg has against Trump.

The Times reports:

The Manhattan district attorney’s office on Tuesday sought to limit Donald J. Trump’s access to certain material from his criminal case, urging a judge to bar him from reviewing the material without his lawyers present.

Additionally, according to the Times, the district attorney's office asked the judge to prohibit Trump from publicizing the evidence on social media.

The parties, reportedly, tried to work these matters out for themselves. But, ultimately, they could not come to an agreement, which is when Bragg asked the judge to get involved.

It remains to be seen how Judge Juan Merchan will rule. Thus far, Merchan has already made it clear that he will not impose a gag order on Trump. But, this has no bearing on this particular matter.

Looking ahead

Trump and his legal team have not released a public statement in response to Bragg's filing.

Trump, at the moment, appears to be focusing all of his energy on campaigning for the 2024 presidential election - both against his Republican rivals and against his likely Democrat opponent - President Joe Biden.

A trial in the case is still some time away. At the moment, it is not expected until next year.

Bragg and the Democrats, clearly, would like nothing more than for the trial to be front and center stage at the time of the 2024 presidential election. And, if they don't stop Trump from winning the election, then they can use it for yet another impeachment of Trump.

The left's attacks on Trump just never end. Let's not forget that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is gearing up for its own legal takedown of Trump.

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