Manhattan DA Bragg warns of potential 'additional victims' following sentencing of 'pedophile' babysitter convict

 June 24, 2023

A New York man, Jonathan Luna, 34, was sentenced on Thursday to 12 years in prison following his earlier conviction for sexually abusing a young boy he babysat for roughly six years.

Now, based on Luna's prior employment that often had him around young children, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has warned of the likelihood that there are more victims of Luna's sexual predation that haven't yet come forward, the New York Post reported.

Luna pleaded guilty in May to first-degree sexual conduct against a child and, in addition to the 12-year prison sentence, will also be subject to 13 years of post-release supervision and be required to register as a sex offender.

DA "deeply concerned" of possible "additional victims"

In a Thursday press release, DA Bragg said, "Thanks to the bravery of this young survivor who came forward, we were able to hold Jonathan Luna accountable for his horrific crime."

"Based on the charged individual’s employment history working with children in afterschool programs and summer camps, we are deeply concerned that there may be additional victims," he added. "If your child may have had contact with this individual, I urge you to contact my Office’s Child Abuse Unit."

The release noted that beginning in 2017, Luna exploited his role as a babysitter to sexually abuse and molest a young boy for around six years, from age 7-11, and was only discovered and arrested in May 2022 when the boy finally revealed to his parents what had been regularly occurring.

Luna's prior employment in jobs with children

Now, in alignment with the warning that Luna may have also victimized other young children, the Manhattan DA's Office shared some of his prior employment history that gave rise to such suspicions.

That includes working as an assistant scoutmaster and assistant cubmaster for the Boy Scout Federation of Greater New York from 2007 to 2012, as well as serving as a camp counselor at a Boy Scouts summer camp in 2015.

Luna also worked as an afterschool counselor at a YMCA program in Greenwich Village from 2013 to 2016, was a camp counselor at a Wayne County, Pennsylvania boys camp from 2016 to 2017, and as an afterschool counselor at a public school in Chelsea in early 2022, just prior to his arrest.

The New York Post noted that the Boy Scouts said it had never received any complaints about Luna but added that he left the organization in 2015 and will never again be permitted to return "in any capacity." The YMCA program, in contrast, did not reply to a request for comment.

Mother speaks out against "pedophile" molester during hearing

The Daily Mail reported that during Luna's sentencing hearing on Thursday, the unidentified mother of his young victim gave an emotional victims impact statement that lasted for nearly 10 minutes.

"To call you a wolf in sheep’s clothing is in a way how it feels, but that sounds too poetic," the crying mother said. "What you really are is a straight-up predator, a pedophile."

"He told us that that guy -- our guy -- had repeatedly and regularly molested him ... raped him were our son’s words," she continued as she also noted that the now-teenaged boy is still plagued with nightmares and unable to enjoy a normal lifestyle like his friends.

"You did those things, and then you did them again. You could’ve quit knowing you crossed the line but you didn’t. You kept at it for years in our home without his consent. He was so young, so little," the mother added. "Up until then, we considered you part of the family. I cared for you more like a nephew than a babysitter. As for me, your actions quite literally broke my heart -- my mom’s heart."

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